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Sewer & Drain


Sewer System


Your sewer and drain system is a major player in the inner workings of your property. Every part of your sewer system is crucial to ensure wastewater safely makes its way out of your building or house and toward the city sewer. Though you can’t see your sewer system, you will definitely notice it if problems like clogs and backups crop up. That’s why you want to make sure all your sewer lines are installed properly, slope away from your home or building, and are made up of sturdy, strong pipes that can withstand the particulars of your property.

Drain System


Drains are the way water enters your sewer system, and they act like gatekeepers, making sure only appropriate waste gets through. Any other items that make it down your drain and into your sewer can cause backups and serious damage to your pipes. That means things like hair, oil, and feminine products all need to be kept out of your drains. In your shower or bath, a drain catcher can be useful in protecting your pipes from hair getting through. In commercial kitchen spaces, grease traps catch excess oil so it doesn’t build up in your pipes over time. In the bathroom, make sure you only flush human waste and toilet paper. Even so-called “flushable” wipes don’t belong down your toilet drain.




When cooking oil and other forms of grease end up down your drain and into your sewer pipes, they can cause serious issues. Grease hardens as it cools and builds up over time, creating something called a fatberg. This grease buildup also attracts other debris until you end up with a major clog, leading to a backup and even broken pipes. Grease traps collect the grease and prevent it from causing damage in your sewer system. Our team will help you maintain your grease traps and dispose of your oil property.



We specialize in working with management firms so that all units managed by the firm receive proper sewer and drain services. We install and maintain the latest sewer equipment so your units are as up-to-date as possible. Our expert team also prepares your units for any and all environmental issues that may affect sewer pipes and drains, such as freezing winters, drenching rains, and scorching heat.


Our Sewer and Drain Services

At All County Sewer and Drain, Inc., our professionals use the latest equipment and technology to install and maintain your sewer and drain system. Our customers are our priority and we work closely with them to make sure their sewer system is set up appropriately for their space. With our 45 trucks, we are able to service all five boroughs of New York City as well as Lower Westchester any time our clients need our help.

Our services include:


Main Sewer out to City Sewer

Sewer Ejector Systems

Storm Sewers

Stack Lines

Floor Drains

Yard Drains

Roof Drains

Outside Drains & Leaders

Leader Lines



Slop Sinks

Kitchen Sinks

Dishwasher Lines

Washing Machine Lines


Shower Stalls


Toilet Bowls

Grease Separators

Flooded Basements


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